Our company has been growing with the force of its board, employees, customers and the support of people from all over the globe trying to provide the best service, products, information and assistance through its online and offline force. These projects are set as a way to communicate. The Janeper Trading Limited is connected also to other international projects that have been active for years now.

We are trying to cover different sectors of the market including IT, Marketing, Trading, Retail, Distribution and Business Services.

Our company operates and coordinates with different companies and projects to reach higher market audience and grounds to always keep its clients satisfied with the best service possible.

These projects are (so far):

  • Janeper Trading Limited: available at, is our retail, wholesale and dropshipping project. We are trying to cover EU and some middle east countries.
  • Best2List: available at, is a business directory site, specialized in listing the best businesses in each region. It is updated daily with new shops and companies from each city and it allows customers to know more about their city.
  • Best2Move: available at, is concentrated on assisting people to buy and rent properties, travel and migrate to Cyprus and UK. We are covering English, Russian and Farsi languages in Best2Move.
  • BiggerCorner: available at, is our online retail project that utilizes physical locations to show our customers a bigger world of products that they can purchase with ease and safety.