Quick Checkout Guide

Quick checkout help tips

  1. Go to Janeper.com Homepage & click on “Create an account”.


  1. Create an account & fill your information accurately as shown below, and click Continue. You will receive two activation emails to verify your address for your account & newsletter subscription. Please check them.
    P.S: Newsletter contains new products, discounts & promotions on items.

  2. Browse through the different categories and find your item based on type and brand of it.
    ex: Sunglasses -> Carrera Sunglasses

  3. Locate & Select the Item you desire to purchase

  4. Add the item to your Cart /Basket and then go to checkout

  5. In Checkout, choose the right field for the code you have to obtain your discount.

  6. Enter your code in the field and press the Apply button

  7. The coupon will be applied on your purchases as a discount. Value of Coupon differs depending on offer.
    Press Checkout to proceed.

  8. In the Checkout, Check, enter or edit your information (Billing & Delivery Address), choose your preferred shipping method, provide payment details through Paypal, and confirm Checkout.

    Then choose shipping method (Note: For Cyprus please choose standard weight shipping, and depending on your coupon, the fee will be cancelled or charge. Check Total)

    Depending on your Coupon value, If your Total is Zero, then you will have the Free Checkout Option. Select it, confirm agreement & Continue

    Free Checkout
  9. Confirm your Order and the system will take you to Paypal’s page for payment, or if Free Checkout then you are done. Once all info are validated, the order will placed for processing.

    Congratulations, you’re done. You will receive your item depending on the shipping method chosen.

    For any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach us at
    info@janeper.com or by phone: 00357-70007115.